Our Work with Primary and Secondary Schools 

Our participatory performances and workshops in schools aim to explore stories and empower children and young people to explore themes and dilemmas. We take a playful approach and aim to create magical experiences so the children and young people have fun while learning.

Here are just a few examples of our recent projects (catch a glimpse of more in the gallery)...


Lewisham Migration Stories


The Thames Project


Speech Bubbles


The Magic Porridge Pot


The Silent Songbird


The Elves and the Shoemaker

rltIOA5w (1)_edited.jpg

Three Little Pigs


The Gingerbread Man



Much of our work in museums is also with and for schools. 

We use applied theatre and drama in education techniques to build the participatory elements of performances and workshops such as speaking thoughts of a character,  character in role with a dilemma, still images and animating objects. Where possible we like to put the children in the role of experts and ask for their thoughts and ideas which often contribute to the performance and workshops.

The design element of our performances is a central in creating our magical atmospheres. We have learnt from our work with children with SEND that having sensory and tactile objects as part of a performance or workshop provides a way in to stories for some of the children who will struggle to engage with spoken language. We have also learnt that it is something that everyone enjoys. We often use puppetry and shadow puppetry in the work which provides a visual exploration of character and story. 

We work directly with schools and through collaboration with project partners such as museums, libraries or zoos. The performances can be shared in schools, community venues or hosted by our partner organisations.