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Our Work with Families and Pre-School 

Storytelling & performances with participation woven into the narrative. This includes object handling, gallery exploration, live music, movement, puppetry, theatre techniques, song and multi-sensory props.

We aim to provide an engaging, intriguing experience which might also enable parents and carers to more confidently explore the museum’s galleries or make up their own stories with their children.

With museums, we liaise closely with staff and volunteers to build on their experience and skills, carefully considering who will be performing the story session to visitors (this is often the Peoplescape Theatre team). 

When devising we reflect on the multiple relationships that will be present during performance: between storyteller, adults, children and the group as a whole. This results in participation which connects audience members with each other as well as with us.

We have also delivered training & mentoring to individual museums & museum groups to support their own skill & session development.

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