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Welcome to Cottonopolis

Devised through workshops with young people with SEND, participatory performance developed in partnership with The People's History Museum, John Rylands Library and Salford Museum & Art Gallery.

Bertie loves to read, particularly books about dragons.  Lily doesn’t go to school, she works in the mill.  Every day Bertie has to go past the mill to get to school.  The mill… where the fires are hot, the smoke and dust choke him and the mill machines are loud.  Bertie is convinced that there is a dragon in the mill and he just can’t go by… even if his teacher will get cross, his mother will worry and his clothes will get dirty.  Can Lily help him?

We were mentored by the Horse and Bamboo Theatre for puppetry and the Research Institute for Health and Social Care at Manchester Metropolitan University were involved in development and evaluation.

Peoplescape theatre are an awe inspiring creative organisation who create interactive performances that truly engaged our pupils.

 Worked as a teacher in special schools for thirteen years and mum of a beautiful daughter with Down Syndrome - seen many, many performances but this was the only one I've seen that was REALLY suitable and stimulating for children with SEN.  Pacing; task differentiation; simplicity of language.  

I can honestly say that both the staff and students thought the performance was fantastic. The interactive nature of the performance and the excellent props were engaging and inclusive for our students, allowing them to experience theatre appropriate to them.

It is extremely difficult as a Specialist Provision to find exciting and relevant arts experiences for our children. Peoplescape Theatre work with our staff through every step of the performance process to ensure that they provide a bespoke visual and sensory experience for ALL our children with a wide range of complex learning, communication, physical and sensory needs. The productions and workshops are often incorporated into class topics, activities and projects because of the high quality stimulus they provide. We have not been able to find this level of commitment and attention to detail from any other company. 

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