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 Three Little Pigs

There's so much to learn in the world; the birds and field mice can teach us about building with straw and sticks but who knows about the stones by the river?
Can the wind teach little wolfie how to howl?


Labyrintheme Theatre creates 'images in the mind rather than in front of the eyes'.  This participatory performance was devised through Labyrintheme workshops with pupils aged 10 - 16 at Plymouth Grove Primary & Lancasterian Specialist Support School.  Multiple versions tailored for EYFS, KS1 and children with SEND.

Proud to be part of the Manchester Children's Book Festival (with Manchester Metropolitan University) 

..a brilliant and well thought out sensory production of the three little pigs. The way it was delivered was the best experience I have witnessed in terms of ensuring that each child in the audience could access the story in the way that they were personally able. For my staff it was wonderful to witness the whole of our group enjoying something together as this is rare, especially when it comes to productions.

The show was humorous, and also delivered a vital social moral, wonderful experience for the children. An inventive way of telling the story which was well matched to the children’s age.

All the staff thought it was absolutely fantastic!


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