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The Magical Garden

Multi-sensory storytelling performance at the Museum of London for young people with SEND

A collaboration the Museum of London. Funded by  The Goldsmiths Company.

The story, developed with the schools is set in the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens in the 18th Century. The children go on a magical journey through the gardens and meet a Magician, a Fortune Teller and a thief and help to solve a dispute.  The performance includes live music, puppet and many sensory and participatory elements.

The project included:

A teachers focus group to share ideas and decide theme and area of the museum to work in

Workshops in schools to explore the theme and techniques

Professional performance in the museums for the young people and special schools


Thanks to Louise Coigley of Lis'n Tell: Live Inclusive Storytelling for her expertise in the development of this project.

Thank you for everything, it was so meaningful for our pupils, so many wow moments

The performers understanding of our pupils, how they adapted to their needs, valued them as people, embraced and celebrated who they were was a deep joy.​

 To have the whole place to ourselves and to be welcomed so warmly with so much 

thought to the practical elements was brilliant. 

 It was an awesome moment for the pupils.


How amazing for our pupils to achieve what they have today. Super proud. 


In terms of Peoplescape, they were fantastic. Their energy and adaptability was brilliant and the way they presented resources was inspiring.

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