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 The Magic Porridge Pot 
A bear with a thorn in its paw thinks that the woods want to eat him up!
Henny-Penny has learnt lots of ways to help manage her feelings & when a new friendship is forged, the magic pot that Bear gives her changes life on the farm forever...

With differentiated versions for children in EYFS, KS1 & young people with SEND,

The Magic Porridge Pot was performed live to over 7500 children as part of MCBF (with MMU) between October 2020 and July 2021 (and everyone kept well!)

Performed by: Emily Capstick, Sakinah Maynard, Monica Sagar, Matt Wardle

(with Paul Andrew, Alison Hale and Steve Howe)

I can honestly say that both the staff and students thought it was fantasAc. The interactive nature of the performance and the excellent props were engaging and inclusive for our students, allowing them to experience theatre appropriate to them. They were enthralled and immersed in the production. The high level of interaction was fabulous. I have never seen one of our students laugh so much as when the bear and the hen entered the stage! 

The children have since been using the snail breathing in class when they are feeling frustrated. 

The children were absolutely mesmerised. They loved the show. It was great for us to see them so absorbed- because of COVID, this was the first time that many of them had seen a theatre show and we weren’t sure what to expect from them in terms of reaction. We loved the mixture of media- the puppets, the live music, the digital effects and the gentle, calm atmosphere . Perfect! 

It was really clever how you tied in themes of 'lockdown' without being too explicit. It also had lots of PSHE links. The children loved the puppets - especially Bear. I was especially touched as we have two significant SEN children in Y2 who struggle with events like this and have never managed to sit through a whole performance without either causing a disruption or asking to be removed. Both sat beautifully throughout the whole performance and were totally absorbed by it! A real milestone for them!

I found the use of instruments, music, puppets and all the range of visuals, lighting and prob brilliant. You all had calming voices and lovely story telling skills. The children were amazing at joining in and copying even when they weren't asked, showing how much they were involved in the story. 

MPP Films

The Magic Porridge Pot film for children with and without additional needs


This sensory exploration of the story of Henny-Penny and her friend Bear was created for children and young people with additional learning and sensory needs. 

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