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Stone Age Friend 

In collaboration with Museum of London, multi-sensory drama workshops & performance for young people with SEND

Created in partnership with the Museum of London and three special schools - The Village, St Giles and Riverside. Funded by The Goldsmiths Foundation.

The story, developed with the schools, tells of a girl from the Stoneage (who is non-verbal) and her daily life - lighting a fire, fishing in the river and escaping from a cave lion. The children in role as time travellers go on a journey with her where they are able to teach her about sharing and help her escape from danger.  The performance includes live music and many sensory and participatory elements.

The project included:

Teachers CPDL to explore techniques, and decide theme and area of the museum to work in

Workshops in schools to explore the theme through participatory drama

Professional performance in the museums for the young people incorporating the children's ideas

Thanks to Louise Coigley of Lis'n Tell: Live Inclusive Storytelling for her expertise in the development of this project.

This has been a fabulous and very successful project, in all sorts of ways – thank you.

It was  very clear to me that my class enjoyed the whole experience and were very happy to be a part of it all. There were some priceless moments during the story’s telling that might not mean much to an outsider but, knowing my students as I do, I found really moving.

Thank you all so much for enabling, facilitating and just generally making our wonderful day today possible.

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