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 The Farmer and the Hat 

A multi-sensory storytelling performance with
Portland Basin Museum for children and young people with SEND

The workshops were highly interactive and enjoyable.  Thank you for the social story and supporting info

for the performance.  Pupils and staff have given lots of positive feedback about the performance. 

Thanks again for giving our pupils such an amazing opportunity!

Cromwell High School

The workshops have been brilliant. It was great that the characters, routines and some of the activities were repeated which allowed the children to anticipate key events and become familiar with what is expected as well as feel confident. There was a good mix of music, actions and feeling for a multi sensory approach.

It was great that you could adapt to the different needs of the children as well. 

Thank you so much for everything! The children have enjoyed the sessions and so have we!

Oakdale School

The sensory elements of the story really made it engaging for the children, the singing and

repetition made it easier for the children to recall their prior learning.

There were so many brilliant bits; from children using the language taught, retaining the information

previously given, retaining instructions from one week to the next about making felt, etc. 

It worked very well and was a great opportunity for the pupils to access drama workshops.

Hawthorns School

I know this project has deepened the connections between our museum & schools that took part

in this project and seeing the classes and pupils/students visit our wonderful museum

and see how focused each were whilst being involved in the performance at the museum is

utterly priceless for us. We cannot thank Emily and Jen from Peoplescape Theatre enough for

approaching our service with this two year project and we cannot wait to work with them again.

Portland Basin Museum

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