Museum of London/ Museum of London Docklands 

We have been collaborating with the Museum of London for over 15 years. Find out more about our most recent work for Museum of London Stoneage Friend and The Magical Garden


Over the Sea to London

Our first interactive perfomance for Special Schools at the MoL Docklands. Performed in the Warehouse of the World Gallery and set at the docks in the Victorian Era

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At the Pleasure Gardens

For Special School groups

Immersive in role storytelling where the children go bak in time to help Horace, a painter to design a fan for a very important Lady to take part in a fan dance.

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Miss Kitty's Cat

Developed for an early years audience, this immersive storytelling experience puts children in role as visitors to the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens where they go on a boat journey down the river and help Miss Kitty resue her cat from a tree

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