Historic Royal Palaces

We have created lots of exciting interactive and immersive storytelling projects for Historic Royal Palaces over the years - see below for more info


Jack's Glorious Adventure

At Kensington Palace for family audiences. This immersive story explored  Prince William of Orange’s quest to be King through the eyes of Jack, one of the Prince's stable hands. The audience were part of creating the sea arrival of the Prince, the march to London and  exploring a dilemma involving one of the Princes Cavalrymen.


The Seamstress's Inventory

At Kansington Palace - for family audiences, part of the Glorious George Festival

A locked door
A room of secrets
I have the key
The key to the Cabinet of Curiosity

Queen Caroline has entrusted the key to me
To guard from gossiping courtiers
Who would love a glimpse at what is in the room
Who wonder what might be here
But I know
And I will keep the secrets
Queen Caroline has collected strange and magical things
And I am to write a list of those strange and magical things

A locked door
I have the key”


The Strange Tale of Colonel Blood

This interactive storytelling performance explores the strange tale of Colonel Blood who attempted to steal the Crown Jewels. The session is available to book through the Historic Royal Palaces website.


The Cabinet of Curiousities

This mutisensory story is  set in the court of King George II and Queen Caroline (in 1722) The children arrive at the Georgian State rooms in role as courtiers new to Court where they help a hapless courtier and create curiosities to present Queen Caroline for her famous Cabinet.

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